Jan – Sinusitis

I was at my wit’s end! This current episode of sinusitis had been going for well over 12 months. It would settle to some extent, and then flare up again.

But it was more than just sinusitis – the mucosal membranes of my sinuses were chronically swollen and inflamed. And the swelling was externally noticeable too. The upper part of my face, around the eyes and upper nose, had taken on a whole new profile from the internal swelling.

I didn’t want surgery again. I had already had that experience and knew it wasn’t a long term solution. And I didn’t want to spend my life inhaling nasal sprays.

My oxygen intake was also compromised, particularly when the swelling was at its worst. I would have to mouth breathe and I REALLY dislike mouth breathing.

When my sinuses were really bad I had trouble getting to sleep and would wake in the morning feeling as if my nose was filled with cement.

And I had become a ‘sniffer’. I had to be careful at work and in public that I didn’t ‘sniff’ from habit! Most embarrassing when I caught myself doing it!

I attended a Nursing Conference in July 2015 and heard Karen’s presentation on Salt Therapy. I was so excited! And when she demonstrated the salt pipe I absolutely knew that Salt Therapy was for me!

I am 62. I have no medical conditions and I only take natural/plant based supplements. I still work, love to garden and last year I discovered Tai Chi.

So beyond having regular massage therapy for those times when I overdo things in the garden, my only physical ailment has been my recurrent and annoyingly consistent sinus condition.

I noticed a change after my first session. Okay! It was only slight! But even tiny little improvements are noticeable when there is a much larger issue.

I have taken advantage of the Course Packages on offer at the Clinic to reduce my cost per session and this has supported my regular attendance at the Salt Rooms. I also use the Salt Pipe at home and absolutely love it!

The improvement to my sinuses has been steady and consistent. I feel as if I am fully living again. I am able to nose breathe without feeling short of breath, and the ‘sniffing’ is no longer a constant in my life. And I pop off to sleep easily- no more mouth breathing and tossing and turning!

Yet the real ‘magic’ occurred when the external swelling around my upper nose and eye area began to disappear. I feel like I have my own face back again.

Thanks Karen and Salt Therapy