Jane Gorton – Cough, cold, sinus congestion

My name is Jane and I have been suffering most of this year with head colds, coughs and sinus congestion. After many doctors’ visits and prescriptions for antibiotics which were doing nothing I finally took the advice of a friend and decided to give Salt Therapy NQ a try.

I must admit I was very skeptical at first but I had nothing to lose by giving it a go. I have just completed my 8th visit. I am no longer waking in the night due to the dreaded coughing, I can breathe clearly through my nose, my eyes have stopped watering and I can honestly say I feel great. Even my Husband has commented on how much fresher I am looking.

I have been so impressed I decided to take my 3 year old Grandson to the children’s room as he also has been suffering most of the year with a runny nose and cough, after just 3 visits he is once again sleeping through the night. The children’s room is great fun for both kids and adults alike.

The hour I spend in the Therapy room is extremely relaxing, as well as my sinus and cold symptoms clearing up and can also see and improvement in my skin, blemishes are clearing up.

I honestly recommend Salt Therapy NQ to anyone wanting to get over that dreaded winter cough that just hangs around. As I said I have been putting up with symptoms since about March this year and now 8 visits later I feel amazing.